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About Aztec Link

Aztec Link is an NIL collective dedicated to partnering SDSU student athletes with businesses for promotions and endorsements while offering fans meaningful ways to support and connect with their favorite teams and players.

At Aztec Link, we believe in forging prosperous, enduring partnerships that bring value to all parties. This mutually beneficial relationship represents a unique opportunity to align with the spirit of excellence embodied by SDSU student-athletes through collaborations that drive success for both business partners and Aztec Link.

The result? Improving lives of SDSU student athletes while contributing to the growth of our city.

Benefits to Student Athletes

Aztec Link is an NIL collective dedicated to partnering SDSU student athletes with businesses for promotions and endorsements while offering fans meaningful ways to support and connect with their favorite teams and players.

Compensation & Incentives

Aztec Link helps to bridge the financial gap through NIL opportunities. Student athletes will receive financial compensation and performance incentives tied to participation in promotional and endorsement activities.

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Professional Development

Aztec Link provides valuable entrepreneurial training. Student athletes will gain real world experience in business, marketing, sponsorship and promotion.

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Community Engagement

Aztec Link helps to strengthen the SDSU community by fostering relationships. Student athletes will have opportunities to engage with fans, alumni, and the broader community.

Benefits to Business Partners

Aztec Link offers significant advantages to business partners collaborating with student athletes by streamlining logistics handling and coordination, managing legal compliance, and enhancing brand alignment and visibility.

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Access to San Diego State Athletes

Partnering with Aztec Link provides access to thousands of college students and dedicated alumni, helping businesses gain coveted exposure to a young and influential demographic. We coordinate directly with the SDSU football student-athletes to provide exclusive access student-athletes for appearances and promotions.

Aztec Link helps businesses strengthen their relationship with SDSU and the San Diego community as a whole, while building a relationship with athletes at the start of their professional career.

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Streamlined Logistics Handling and Coordination

Aztec Link handles all coordination, saving time and resources for business partners. We take care of all the planning, scheduling, and logistics to make the student-athlete appearances and promotions seamless and turnkey.

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Legal Compliance Management

Aztec Link manages legal compliance. We ensure that all athlete appearances and promotions are compliant with NCAA, conference, and institutional rules. By leveraging our resources and expertise in the complex NIL landscape, we help businesses maximize the value from partnerships more efficiently and effectively.

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Enhanced Visibility and Brand Alignment

Aztec Link helps facilitate more meaningful and authentic partnerships that resonate with consumers and enhance brand visibility. This strategic approach to athlete endorsement ensures greater synergy between businesses and student-athletes, resulting in more effective marketing campaigns and increased return.

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Become an Aztec Link Insider by subscribing to one of our memberships. Starting at only $6.99/month, everyone can make a difference.

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Get Involved with Events

Aztec Link is providing an unparalleled opportunity for fans to interact with their favorite athletes while supporting the university and the wider San Diego community. Throughout the year, we partner on a diverse range of events that allow players to earn appearance fees while gaining valuable, real-world experience for personal and professional development. From youth sports camps, public appearances, autograph signings, meet-and-greets, and more, it’s a chance to embrace the whole student-athlete experience, both on and off the playing field, and create a legacy that extends far beyond the scoreboard.

Explore our upcoming events to get involved at our next event!

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NIL Store

Visit the NIL Store, where you have the chance to own an exclusive piece of Aztec History! Aztec Link partnered with Lamont Butler to commemorate the historic 2023 NCAA Final 4 showdown between San Diego State and Florida Atlantic with a limited edition, authenticated collectible autographed by Lamont Butler himself. Available for purchase now!

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